Off on the roller coaster once more

As some of you will already know, 2013 is going to be the Year of the Mouse. In other words, we are back on the Disney (and Universal) trail. Florida in August and, as a small aperitif, EuroDisney and Paris in the springtime. Whether we love it or not may depend on the weather, the awesomeness of the rides, or the small matter of whether the French can take to heart the US attitude to le service.

All I know about EuroDisney is that it is smaller (natch), there are less of the extreme rides and that it is best to ask for your burger brûlée. And that “Avez le bon journee” may simply get you a Gallic shrug. Also, that it is European dress code – long trousers, hoodies and coats rather than shorts and singlets.

This post is being written as we make the descent towards Paris, after a disappointingly short flight. I probably won’t get to post this until I can find an Internet connection, but at least you can feel the thrill of the moment. And just to prove it, here is a picture of our night sky outside the plane.


Au revoir

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