On our way home

It’s now 14.05 pm here (which means probably around 19.05 UK time) and we are engaged in that well known travellers’ pastime of waiting around in the airport. Flight leaves at 16.55 US time so we will be yawning into Bristol sometime around 6-7 am having lost most of the night in transit.

Interesting….first time we encounter Brits en masse for the past two weeks and the overwhelming impression is one of flatulence. A bit like being in a football crowd when the nerves kick in. And also possibly a metaphor. I have to confess that I’m not looking forward to going back, although I will be glad to see the house safe and secure after our absence. And, although the holiday has been really good and has challenged a lot of my preconceptions about the US as well as PRIORITIES IN LIFE AND ALL THAT, I suppose all good things must come to an end, and (to raise the stakes of the comparison) that impermanence is the stuff of our existence and the essence of our human experience. So there.

I’m currently trapped between the conflicting desires of finding something to occupy me for the next hour or so, and not wanting to run down the battery charge on my devices, of which this laptop is one. So this won’t be a long post. I’ll round up on all the holiday stuff later, once I’m back in the UK and have had time to do stuff like edit videos. But suffice it to say that it has been immensely enjoyable all round – the country, the parks, the rides, the whole raft of new experiences. Whether we will do this again remains to be seen. The whole trip has been expensive, and in the next few years this sort of money may not be readily available, given threats of redundancy, retirement, down-sizing, changing lifestyle expectations and so on. Also, and not  to put too fine a point on it, none of us is getting any younger. So the nature and extent of the experience may have to change too.

Perhaps that’s why I’m feeling reflective at the moment. So, to end on an upbeat note, a few photographs. The first two are the ‘official’ ones you can buy at the end of the rollercoaster rides, hence the photoshop backgrounds. In turn, the Aerosmith Rock n’Roller Coaster and the Hulk. In both cases the photos are taken at more or less the start of the ride – in Aerosmith’s case this involves an acceleration of 0-65 in 2.8 seconds which is…..exhilarating. The Hulk involves being shot out of a tube at around 50 mph into an immediate ‘inversion’ (being turned upside down). So the situations are not exactly relaxed, which explains the expressions on peoples’ faces.


The last is slightly more relaxed. I haven’t been through this yet in the blog, but we spent one very relaxing day at a place called Boggy Creek, doing an airboat ride as well as looking at alligators and stuff like that. It’s quite a conservation thing too, so the place is tied into schemes to protect the crocodile and alligator population and provide environment for them. Anyway, the photos help to fund this work, so I don’t feel too bad about being fleeced for the privilege.

See you back in Blighty.


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