A few more photos from yesterday

Given that we aren’t doing much today – at the moment, the rest of the troupe are engaged in a major Disney Monopoly tournament, and we are seriously considering a trip to Boggy Creek later this afternoon for an air-boat ride to see some ‘gators – I’ve been raiding other peoples’ cameras for shots. So here they are…..

First off, the Rip Ride Rockit and some of those who rode in it. Still the most brutal of all the rides in the parks over the last couple of weeks.

Then ‘The Hulk’ – or at least  a section of it. Still my personal favorite.

Next, some of the wonders of ‘The Wizarding World’ from inside the castle and prior to the ride. This does not include the annoying brat tourists in front of us.

Also, the ‘winter scene’ in the village of Hogsmeade.

Lastly, me and the wife chilling in one of the local hostelries post thrills.

More later.

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