Another day at the water parks

Rather surprisingly known as ‘Blizzard Beach’. The other one is ‘Typhoon Lagoon’ and, rather in the manner of the Harry Potter set, the fiction is that this is the North Pole with fake icicles and ‘fog’ while most of us are drowning in sweat and fainting from heat exhaustion. The most surreal bit of the whole experience is the choice of piped music, which alternates between ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’, ‘The Upsetter’ and ‘She Taught Me How To Yodel’ (sadly not the Stackridge version), at least the parts I could make out.

But generally nothing more than a lazy day reading books and occasionally wallowing in the ‘lagoon’ rather like the hippos of yesterday’s safari park. All the Florida schools have now gone back, so a higher proportion of Brits and other non-US nationalities were in evidence. Luckily no football, or any other type of, riots broke out whilst we were there.

In the absence of any other excitement, here are two movies of the boys on the zip wire.

Oh yes, and apparently Hurricane Irene is lurking off the coast of Florida, having already trashed Costa Rica. Unlikely to come this far inland, and as I understand it the Disney parks are protected by the divine providence of Uncle Walt. But nonetheless, we are already eyeing the spectre of panic buying at Walmart and possibly huddling in the garage / playroom as the only area of the house free from glass. I suspect a damp squib, but you never know.

Typical – over 5000 miles from the Memorial Stadium and we still can’t get away from the Rovers connections. Could be Goodnight Irene indeed…..

2 responses to “Another day at the water parks

  1. I think you'll find that Irene trashed Puerto Rico but no matter – the point is, hope she leaves y'all alone so you can enjoy the final days of your holiday. Perish the thought that you should find yourselves delayed and unable to return to work on time ….

  2. Oops. Thanks for correcting my non-existen South American geography. I will, of course be devastated if I am prevented from my return to work next Wednesday. Sadly, it looks as if we really only be seeing Irene in our dreams (one for the Rovers fans).

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