Marching on together into the Magic Kingdom

Never mind all the faux-liberal stuff. When Brits are abroad, they default very swiftly to types – football being the most common. Hence the Leeds shirts in the Magic Kingdom. I thought for a second of nipping over the fence and planting a scarf round Micky’s neck, but being ejected from the park first thing in the morning didn’t seem like a positive idea.

Anyway, Marching on Together in the Promised Land. On a side note, we’ve been trying, in a casual sort of way, to find out if any of the so-called ‘pubs’ round here are likely to be showing the Leeds v West Ham match this Sunday. 1.15 your time makes it around 8.00 am our time which means breakfast. We thought we’d cracked it today when a Stoke City (!!!) fan mentioned a pub called ‘Fawlty Towers’ (!!!!!) owned by his mate who was a real Leeds fan, which was bound to be showing the game. The fact that he was trying to interest Lou and Andy in some sort of long term holiday club (not time share, you understand) idea didn’t register until Andy rang the pub up and discovered that the owner is a Wolves fan and would not be showing the Leeds game. So back to square one !

Seriously, there is much local interest in ‘soccer’ here. It tends to be the Premiership, however, and not much beyond that. So, we’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to following the result well after the game is over. I did catch one guy, however, giving me a crafty Leeds salute as we got on the monorail this am – which goes to show we do indeed have fans all over the world, and that football can bring all sorts of people together. Just not Stoke City f*ckers !


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