Well, here we go then

At around 11.00 am tomorrow morning, we fly out to Florida and Disney World. Not the most obvious destination for yours truly, given my preference for holidays which involve minimal expenditure and maximum discomfort (ie England, Scotland or Wales and tents), and my dislike of large felt cartoon characters. However, I am very much looking forward to the experience – first time in the USA, first time on a plane for a long time, Universal Studios and lots of roller-coasters. But mostly, I’m looking forward to seeing America (albeit possibly an unrepresentative sample) and Americans, eating chicken-fried steak and maybe, just maybe, staying overnight in a motel after driving along one of those long movie roads.

And that, my friends, was the starting point for this blog – to act as a convenient dumping ground for my observations, impressions, experiences, images and so on, live and as they happen. It’s entirely possible that  it will end up just being me that reads it as well as writes it. But I wanted to impose some sort of discipline on myself to try and record the experience rather than just let it roll over the top of me. It may well be that this is the one and only entry – that the whole thing is overtaken by that great friend of mind CBA (Can’t Be Arsed). But there we go.

Anyway, everything is packed. iPad and Kindle fully charged and loaded with all the entertainment one might need for a 9-hour flight. Leeds shirt packed for the obligatory photo shoot with The Mouse. With a bit of luck the next post will be from the land of opportunity, if not quite the Magic Kingdom.

See you there…..

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